Why the name?  It often feels like we live in a world of one big ponzi scheme! Phat Free pokes a little fun at the ludicrousy of hyperinflation and false economies.  We love what we do and believe there’s a fair playing ground, and want to meet you there. 

Born out of a commitment to dedicating extensive skills and valued experience to a small and select number of clients, Amanda and her team commit to focusing on each project’s unique requirements. 

With nearly two decades of extensive experience in both feature films and commercials, Amanda’s enthusiasm in sharing her knowledge and willingness to constantly evolve as a Producer makes Phat Free Films the perfect partnership for clients looking for a hands-on and collaborative approach. 

Amanda comes with over 180 international commercials and 6 feature films under her belt.

Each project is undertaken with the commitment to the best possible production value creatively, logistically and financially.